• LakeView Building and Remodeling LLC

  • is a full service, licensed construction company founded in 1996 by Bill Adinolfi. With a degree in carpentry from Eli Whitney, Bill started his first business in 1983 doing small repair and remodeling jobs. Through a passion and love for building, Bill quickly became a master of the trade and increasingly took on larger and more challenging jobs. Since the inception of LakeView Building and Remodeling over a decade ago, Bill has accomplished his dream of making dreams come true—by building and remodeling custom homes in which every job, like its customer, is unique.

  • There is no greater satisfaction for us than to see a happy and satisfied customer, to see that their hard earned money has not only gone towards something they need, but that it represents who they are and will bring them happiness for years to come. That’s why I’m in it for life. I enjoy every aspect of this business.
    —Bill Adinolfi, Owner of LakeView Building and Remodeling.